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Custom Hook: BP Follow

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Award points for Following / Being Followed by other users. Version 1.0

This code snippet goes in your functions.php file.

  1. Gabriel, I just tried to add this to my BuddyBoss theme functions file, the theme-functions.php file in the buddyboss-inc folder, but it did nothing. Any suggestions? Thanks!


  2. Gabriel,

    I finally figured out where to place this snippet, and BP Follow did show up in the mycred hooks area. However, it came out configured a bit funny visually, and there was nothing showing up in the front end.



  3. Sadly i have the same issue as Maria.

    The layout in the admin area is messed up, and also i don’t get any credits updated when following.

  4. Hello,
    I want to try this but where is the whole code? This is all I see. The “view entire codes does not work”.
    * Register Custom myCRED Hook
    * @since 1.0
    * @version 1.0
    add_filter( ‘mycred_setup_hooks’, ‘BP_Follow_myCRED_Hook’ );

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