Most Extensive Points Management Engine Built for WordPress

myCRED is a toolbox that let you build all sorts of points based features. Just like points can have different meanings, myCRED has a lot of different usages.

Powerful ways to award your users

Reward site interactions, build store reward programs, Use points as payment gateway for WooCommerce, EDD and others, offer community games or use points as analytics, it’s all up to you.



Create Multiple point types, and let your users achieve or purchase them to use it on your site or to buy products.



Everyone loves to show off. You can award badges to your site visitors on completing significant events



A user gains more points, to earn a higher Rank. Helping you grow engagement and traffic at the same time.

Open-source & Free

Just like WordPress, myCRED is free and open-source. You can download it directly from the WordPress repository without any license fees. There is no premium version of myCRED so you get everything that myCRED offers in one neat package.

Built to be clean and clutter free, myCRED offers extensive documentation and customization options.

Powerful Features

Each user receives their own point balance. You can show balances around your website using built-in shortcodes or widgets.

All balance adjustments are logged for accountability and to enforce limits. You can show your users their own history using shortcodes or widgets.

Administrators have full overview and control over all user balances and log entries. With built-in editors, you can give or take points from any user, any time.

With built-in Import tools, you can import balances or log entries using CSV files. You can also select to enable front-end and/or back-end exporting of balances or log entries.

Referred to as a “Hook”, you can award users points automatically for interacting with your website or when using a third-party plugin.

Technically there is no limit to how many point types you want to use on your website. You can select to format them all the same or give each points it’s own personal look and labels.

Any publicly facing content such as balances, history, badges or ranks are all Bootstrap ready, making CSS styling a breeze.

myCRED does not care which theme you have installed as long as the theme supports shortcodes and widgets.

Built-in support for BuddyPress, allowing you to insert users points history, balances, badges and ranks in their profile.

Award your users badges based on how they gain points on your website with option to create levels for each badge.

Compound and pay your users a daily interest on their balance with option to payout weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually.

Limit how much points there are in circulation on your website with a central bank account.

Pay users points on a hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual rate.

Allow users to buy points using real world money using popular online payment processors like PayPal, Zombaio or NETbilling.

Create coupons that members can redeem for points with optional minimum / maximum balance requirements and usage limits.

Show pop-up notifications on your website whenever a user gains or looses points or send them email notifications with option for them to subscribe / unsubscribe.

Rank your users based on their current or total point balance. Each rank can have it’s own name, logo and description.

Let your users pay in your online store using points. Supports popular carts like WooCommerce or MarketPress.

Reward your users with points for buying products in your online store. Combine it with Store Payments and you have a store reward system!

Fully supports WordPress Multisite installations with the option to centralize balances and logs across the network or force one settings on all sites.

While the official language of myCRED is English, the plugin is translation ready.

Allow users to buy access to any public post type content on your website using points.

Let users transfer points to other users on your website.

Built-in statistics for administrators showing point circulation, point gains and loses.

This plugin allows you to create leaderboards for your BuddyPress groups, based on the group members points history or balance.

Built-in support for Woocommerce, allowing you to insert users points history, balances, badges and ranks in their profile.

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Premium Add-ons

myCred Fortune Wheel is a gamification Add-on which attracts visitor of your site

Create raffles or lotteries where users need to pick the correct numbers to win points.

Create and design your own scratch cards that users can buy using points.

Add the option to make transfers pending and/or add a fee for transferring points.

Let your users transfer points to other users using SMS messages via Twilio.

Charge your users for sending private messages in BuddyPress or to view other users profiles.

Visual Composer is one of the most popular and best (IMO) page building plugin for WordPress.

Connect myCRED with UserPro and Private Messages for UserPro plugins! This bridge plugin allows you

Extends the “Points for viewing videos” hook by allowing you to award points for viewing embedded Vimeo videos.

Award users points for Woocommerce partial payments on their orders using their myCRED point balances.

Award users points for coinbase on their orders using their myCRED point balances.

This add-on adds myCRED as a custom gateway to your Easy Digital Downloads plugin, allowing users to pay

Award users points while they complete courses, lessons, topic or quiz

Get More For Less

Integrated with your favorites WordPress plugins

Where the features end the possibilities begin!

myCRED was not built to “do-it-all”. Instead a lot of effort has been put into making it as developer friendly as possible, allowing any WordPress developer to dive right in and build what myCRED lacks.

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