Update Version 1.3 – myCRED Social Share Add On

Social Share Addon Social Share Addon with myCRED Plugin that allows admin to assign points to users for each timeshare post type on social media. Admin can manage the criteria of share through the presentation method on the site. Version 1.3 Features NEW Added new shortcode: mycred_display_social_icons to show social share icons. NEW Added new [...]

Update Version 1.1 – myCRED LearnDash

myCRED Learndash is a plugin for WordPress that enables user to build points based on Learndash plugin. This plugin enables users to gain points added into balance while they complete course, lessons, topics or quiz. myCRED Learndash has released an updated version 1.1, which features following: Allow buying courses in points. Disallow buying courses in points. [...]

myCred 1.8 is Finally Released

Introduction myCred Team appreciate the contribution of myCred community so today we feel proud to say that myCred 1.8 stable version is finally released, currently our team is working on reported bugs and there will be releasing updates with the fixes. NOTE for 3rd party plugin authors…need to update their plugins/themes to test with 1.8 [...]


Everyone is welcome to help beta test version 1.8! Just remember that the beta is not intended for live / production sites as it is expected to contain bugs. If you decide to install it on a live site, please make sure you back up. Reporting Issues A new 1.8 beta forum has been introduced for [...]

myCred Now Available

This update has major fixes which include video link, Clicking on link and Exchange Points. We had to make current version stable before launching 1.8 which is in development phase and will be released in near future although we are unable to provide any timeline at this stage.   Video Link: Log of viewing videos […]

2018 Schedules, Some Updates and an Apology

This post was shared by the previous author of this plugin. There might be some changes in the roadmap afterward. As some of you might have noticed, I have been behind support tickets and 1.8 development for the past few weeks. I want to start by apologizing for this delay and for everyone who is [...]

1.8 Guide – buyCred Add-on

While waiting for 1.8, I will be posting some articles on some of the changes and new features that version 1.8 will bring. In this first instalment, we will have a look at buyCRED 1.3

myCred & Contact Form 7

Some of you might have noticed that as of version 4.8, the built-in hook hook for awarding points has stopped working. Here is how to resolve this.

myCRED 1.7.7 Now Available

Version 1.7.7 is now available for download. It is highly recommended for anyone on 1.7.6 as this version fixes a few bugs 1.7.6 introduced or missed. A big thank you for everyone who took the time to open a support ticket and report these issues! You guys rock!