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First I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for all the great feature requests. After some contemplation and investigating I have compiled here a list of features that will be added in 1.4.

1.4 is planned to be released end of January / early February, depending on how well the beta testing goes.


  • #1 – NEW Option to delete log entries when a user gets deleted.
  • #2 – FIX Rewrite of the Add-ons query to work just like hooks instead of file searches which can cause issues if WordPress is installed in a custom location.
  • #3 – FIX Improve customization options for all core functions.
  • #4 – NEW Module for the myCRED Right Now Dashboard Widget to show the most common user balances.


  • #5 – FIX All contextual help will be removed from myCRED files and instead I will be linking everything to the online codex. This will reduce work for translators and reduce file sizes while offering far more information from one central location.


  • #6 – NEW Hook for “Referrals”. A very basic referral system where users can gain points for referral of visitors and / or signups.
  • #7 – NEW Support for including Video titles for the “Points for watching videos” hook.
  • #8 – NEW Hook for role change i.e. Going from “Subscriber” to “Author” = 10 points.
  • #9 – NEW Add better customization options for all hooks making it easier for you to override built-in hooks.
  • #10 – NEW Hook for Shopping Cart / Event Bookings allowing point gains for purchases or event attendance.
  • #11 – NEW Option to overwrite bbPress hook settings for each bbPress forum.
  • #12 – NEW Support for gaining points for new bbPress Forum Categories.

The Log

  • #13 – NEW Pagination of log.
  • #14 – NEW Export either search results or entire log to CSV file.
  • #15 – NEW All filters will be moved to the myCRED_Query_Log class to offer the same filters on any custom log page.
  • #16 – NEW Administrators will have the option to adjust log entries (only entry not amount or time) or delete individual log entries. This will only be available on the myCRED > Log page.


  • #17 – FIX Improve how Rankings work and make customizations of the leaderboard easier.
  • #18 – FIX Rename the myCRED List widget to myCRED Leaderboard widget.
  • #19 – NEW Option to show the current users position, if the user is not in the presented list.

Import Add-on

  • #20 – NEW Added support for importing entire CubePoints logs.
  • #21 – NEW Added support for importing CSV log files.

buyCRED Add-on

  • #22 – NEW New built-in gateway for BitPay
  • #23 – NEW “Last IPN Call Overview” section, allowing you to see the last IPN calls made.
  • #24 – NEW Option to have a custom admin page for points purchases via the buyCRED add-on.

Banking Add-on

  • #25 – FIX Re-write how this add-on works by improving the SQL Queries used.
  • #26 – NEW Allow services to be set according to either WordPress role or myCRED Rank.

Email Notifications Add-on

  • #27 – NEW Option to to send Test emails.
  • #28 – FIX Improve documentation on available template tags.
  • #29 – FIX Improve customization options.
  • #30 – NEW Added option to either send emails immediately or in bulk at a set time.
  • #31 – NEW Built-in support for email on lottery wins.

BuddyPress Add-on

  • #32 – In 1.4 the BuddyPress add-on will be removed and instead BuddyPress will be treated as any other supported third-party plugin. This will not change any settings or functionalities! It will just remove the Add-on and move the necessary files into the plugins/ folder. If BuddyPress is installed, the settings and hooks will be visible automatically and no add-on activation will be required.

New Add-ons

  • Multiple Points Types – Will allow you to setup multiple point types.
  • Vouchers – Generate vouchers that can be redeemed by users to load their accounts with a pre-set amount of points.

Built-in third-party plugin support

  • rtMedia – Points for creating albums, commenting on media uploads, viewing media or getting media featured.
  • Gravity Forms – Points for submitting forms.


  • The myCRED Codex will be improved to include more information on how to expand or customize your myCRED installation along with the most frequent how-to questions. I will also update the documentation for all the missing action and filter hooks.
  • I will also check to see if we I add support for the BuddyBoss theme. I have not yet decided if this will be a built-in feature or a customization that you would download from the myCRED website.
  1. Great !!!! Thank you Gabriel.

    Concerning the BuddyBoss theme, I think that maybe you should keep it separate from myCred, because that’s something only a “minor” minority will ever use, so it’s better to keep the plugin light weight.

    Again, thank you for your great work, YOU ROCK. 🙂

    1. Hey M.

      Send me a message if you are interested in testing out a custom hook I made for BuddyBoss. I have been in touch with the author of the theme and created a hook that allows you to award points for Photo Uploads and Wall Likes.

      Would love some input on other features you feel is needed. I will include this hook on the myCRED website for users to download.

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