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myCRED version 1.4.7 is now available for download! This is the last update before 1.5 which is currently on schedule for beta testing July 7th.

This is an important update for everyone using 1.4.6, particularly if you are using the Email Notifications add-on! 1.4.6 contains a nasty bug which presents no visual errors but will instead slowly crash your site (unless you have done the fix provided here already).

Besides removing this bug, this version will also clean up the mess in your WordPress Cron.

Important! If you choose to manaully update myCRED instead of using the WordPress updater, you must disable then re-enable the myCRED plugin in your admin area once you have uploaded the new files!

Remember to always back up!

Maintenance Mode

The myCRED website will be offline tonight June 25th from midnight to 1 AM (UTC+1) for some minor updates and to prepare for coming updates.

New Shortcode

Version 1.4.7 also includes a new shortcode called mycred_content_sale_count which you can use to show the total number of sales of a particular post. Users of the Visual Composer add-on please note that a new version be released tomorrow to add support for this shortcode.

Other fixes

For a complete list of changes please consult the changelog.

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