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Version 1.6.2 is now available for download addressing the issues of badge assignments and rank display issues. A big thank you  to everyone helping me out with these issues.



  • FIX – Added support for future scheduled posts in the “Points for publishing content” hook.
  • FIX – Invite Anyone hook is checking for exclusion of an non existent variable.
  • FIX – Misspelled variable in settings module causes warning on update.
  • FIX – Daily hook limits are not generating the correct unix timestamp for checks.
  • FIX – When using 1 custom point type for the mycred_transfer shortcode, the balance is formatted incorrectly.
  • FIX – Using $user_id instead of $user->ID when getting a users rank during template tag parsing.
  • FIX – mycred_total_balance does not format the value as intended.
  • FIX – Added a “Reload Add-ons” button to re-save newly added add-ons that might not show up on the add-ons page.
  • FIX – If plugin is set to not to show the users points history in BuddyPress, not even admins should see the menu.
  • FIX – Badge auto assignment not working with single point type setups.
  • FIX – Points for viewing content hook is not saving limits correctly due to incorrect variables being passed to the form.
  • FIX – Badges are not assigned automatically with multiple point types.
  • TWEAK – Cleaned up woocommerce gateway code structure.
  • UPDATE – Updated the uninstall script to include post metas, badge and rank connections.
  • UPDATE – The mycred_transfer_acc_limit filter now also passes along the user_id and reference.
  • UPDATE – mycred_badges shortcode can now show the number of users with each badge.
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