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Version 1.6.6 is now available for download and is an important update as it fixes a critical bug introduced in 1.6.5.


New Shortcode

A new shortcode has been adding called mycred_total_points. You can use this shortcode to show the total number of points your users have all together or show the total amount of points awarded / taken for specific instances.

Note, that the myCRED for Visual Composer will be updated to include support for this shortcode.


Event Espresso 4.6+

I was unfortunately unable to include a fix for Event Espresso 4.6+ users. The payment gateway system was completly re-written in 4.6 and I have not yet been able to complete the new gateway. I plan on having a fix included in 1.6.7.


Finally a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has helped reporting issues and solutions!

  1. I updated and now I have to do detailed testing and I hope that it will work fine.
    I am very interested in that.

    1. On the one hand i am pleased to see new codes and updates. On the other hand I’m upset due that, that some old codes and filters cease to work correctly after updating.

  2. Thanks for back 😉
    You were supposed to add a feature to notification plus add on. supporting the rank badges (level badges). When someone enters a new level, the level badge appear on screen.

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