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Welcome back to the new and improved myCRED website!


  • Installed bbPress and transferred over all previous forum topics, so members should still see their old entries.
  • Installed BuddyPress to help manage members! You now get your own profile with better access to your Tokens log, forum entries and the new experimental features.
  • Installed the new Klein theme as it comes BuddyPress, bbPress and WooCommerce ready, saving me a LOT of time!


  • Enabled membership ranks to show new users how the Ranks add-on works.
  • Published new tutorials!
  • Added Token earning for those who want to help translate myCRED!
  • You can now edit your forum posts up to 5 min after it’s published!
  1. The site looks nice, and seems to be working well. Congrats on a good transistion, I know how hard these things can be sometimes.

  2. Wowa! I logged in today for a pleasant surprise! Congratulations on the brand new house – needless to say, I am enjoying every bit of this freshness 🙂
    Would have been happier if there was a search functionality included too.
    Found that the tab contenet for “Supported Shopping Carts” has mied up betwnn woocommerce and marketrpress.
    However, what I was keenly awaiting, and presumed would be made available with this makeover – is still not available: the 2CO support for buycred. Request you to please incorporate it asap.

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