Notifications Plus Add-on

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Replace and extend the built-in notifications add-on.
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Notifications for Points, Badges and Ranks

Replace and extend the built-in notifications add-on with with this premium version, giving you easy access to changing colors, apply different colors for point gains and loses or instant notifications.

Point gains & loses

Show your users notifications when they gain or lose points with the option to set the notification color accordingly.

Rank Demotions & Promotions

As of version 1.3, you can show users custom notifications when they gain a new rank or get demoted to a lower rank. Supports showing rank title and logo.

Earning a Badge

As of version 1.3, you can show users custom notifications when they gain a new badge! Supports showing badge title, logo and level number.

Instant Notifications

Normally, you need to refresh the page in order to see any new notifications, but with the built-in instant notifications feature, notifications are loaded automatically for your users.


The instant notifications feature loads messages via AJAX which, depending on your websites size, can be an expensive task, especially if a large number of users are online simultaneously.

Product Changelog

Version 1.5.2
  • Improvement – Upgrading License System
Version 1.5.1
  • Improvement – Upgrading License System
Version 1.5
  • FIX – Fixed Badge image issue in notification.
Version 1.4
  • Compatible with WordPress 5.0.2
  • Tested with myCred 1.8 Beta
Version 1.3.7
  • FIX – Notifications do not disappear automatically.
  • WordPress 4.8 ready.
Version 1.3.6
  • NEW – Added new JS debug option for admins for instant notifications.
  • NEW – Improved how notifications are queried on websites in an effort to prevent third-party collisions.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_notice_js filer to allow adjustments of the javascript variables.
  • NEW – Added option to minify js files using the MYCRED_MIN_SCRIPTS constant.
  • FIX – Fixed minor styling issue in settings due to stray class.
  • REMOVED – The plugin no longer supports older myCred installations. Requires myCred 1.6.8 or higher.
Version 1.3.5
  • NEW – Added new mycred_notificiations_css filter to make CSS customizations easier.
  • NEW – Instant notifications are no longer retrieved via admin-ajax.php
  • TWEAK – Minified script.
  • TWEAK – Combined inotify.js with notify.js to prevent having two files.
  • TWEAK – Removed notify.css file.
  • TWEAK – Updated settings layout to support 1.7
Version 1.3.4
  • FIX – Rank notification template is not showing in settings.
  • FIX – Added 1.7 support prevents old versions from working with this plugin. Added in backwards compatibility.
  • FIX – Update URL not loading product details on certain websites.
Version 1.3.3
  • NEW – Added support for myCred 1.7
  • FIX – Admin preview of notifications do not work on certain WordPress 4.5.x installs.
  • FIX – Notifications should have a fixed and not absolute position to always show in the viewport.
Version 1.3.2
  • FIX – Database is not getting installed due to incorrect logic.
  • NEW – Added option to preview notifications in admin area.
  • NEW – Updated translation files.
Version 1.3.1
  • FIX – Increased priority on styling to try and override theme styling that conflicts with notifications.
  • NEW – Added missing uninstall function to delete the notifications database when the plugin is uninstalled.
  • NEW – Updated translation files.


Version 1.3
  • NEW – Added option to show notifications for badges.
  • NEW – Added option to show notifications for rank promotions and demotions.


Version 1.2.2
  • FIX – Instant notifications do not disappear if a timeout is set.


Version 1.2.1
  • FIX – Template tags are not parsed correctly with Multiple Point Types.
  • NEW – Added Swedish translation.


Version 1.2
  • NEW – Select which point types that generates a notice.
  • FIX – Instant Notifications not working in localhost.
  • FIX – PHP Warning for missing variable.


Version 1.1.2
  • FIX – Translations not working.
  • FIX – No option to remove stuck notifications without reloading the page.


Version 1.1.1
  • FIX – Styling not loaded with instant notifications.


Version 1.1
  • NEW – Added option to color positive and negative values.
  • NEW – Added instant notifications feature.


Version 1.0.4
  • FIX – Missing conditional check to make sure myCred is installed.


Version 1.0.3
  • NEW – Adjusted plugin for myCred 1.3


Version 1.0.2
  • FIX – Incorrect variable return.
  • FIX – Removed color picker styling enqueue.
  • FIX – Adjusted the template to allow ” and new lines.


Version 1.0.1
  • FIX – Notifications lack support for post related template tags.


Version 1.0
  • Initial release

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14 reviews for Notifications Plus Add-on

  1. Avatar


    This is exactly what I was looking for, a decent way to show the latest earned points. Styling features allows me to set the right colors and css.

  2. Avatar

    Sol Huebner

    Always nice to have more options 😉

  3. Avatar


    This is a excellent add-on and gives you so much more features for notifications

  4. Avatar


    This addon works pretty fine! It enables an easy styling of the notification popup and a cool “real-time” feature. Perfect for my little project!

  5. Avatar


    I really like it 🙂

  6. Avatar


    Well after purchasing mycred userpro and the mycred lottery plugins to name but a few purchased I simply was blown away by the quality and customer service. Integration was excellent. I purchased other plugins at the same time and after my purchases I had extra tokens issued for the purchases which meant in fact I had saved enough for and extra plugin for FREE. That was a nice touch offering tokens for paying custom because It allows me to effectivly buy 2 get one free in a way.
    They plugin itself has been a life saver for my MX theme. Thank you ever so much for a wonderfully coded plugin yet again.
    I would recommend all plugins and the SMS is next on my list! Thanks and would recommend it’s beautifully done! 5 stars accross the board for this and the other two plugins!

  7. Avatar

    Ashwin Rajgopal

    Instant notifications work great! And you can easily change the color and look of your notifications!

  8. Avatar

    Jeff Arnold

    Complete disaster. Not only do the notifications not show up instantly, but the format of the basic notification is lost and it is destroyed. Terrible looking. Absolutely unprofessional. I have tried to get support on this but the help around here is just awful. Definitely NOT worth the $15. A disappointing scam.

  9. Avatar


    Does exactly what it says on the tin. Easy to use and setup. Adds a more advanced and stylish looking notification. Highly recommended to get the best look from your notifications.

  10. Avatar


    This Plugin lives up to expectations. It is one of the cleanest and easiest plugins I have used. I created a nice clean transparent popup for my users in just a few clicks. Works every time! The developers are very professional. 5 Star! I’ll be going for the Visual Composer Plugin next!

  11. Avatar


    I lost $25…

    There is not refund. RUN AWAY FROM THIS PLUG IN!

    I requested support more than 2 weeks ago and no one reply. You will be wasting your money.

  12. Avatar


    Easy to customize and easy to set up! And looks very nice.

  13. Avatar


    Like jpmquintas – I lost $25 too.

    There’s no support and the plugin doesn’t work.

    I’d love to be proven wrong and change my review. But as of today – this sucks.

  14. Avatar

    Carl J

    Our users generally stay on the same page most of the time so the Instant Notifications feature came in really handy. I am also not that good with CSS so it’s really nice to be able to change colours without any CSS styling. Otherwise the product works as described. Highly recommended!

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