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    Are you planning on publishing a list of fixes that are going to be included in 1.7.4 and projected timing around it? It seems like the support tickets are not being worked upon; maybe you’re heads down with known issues already, so it would be nice to have a sense of what fixes to expect and when.



    1.7.4 is coming out tomorrow morning (Danish morning that is).

    FIX – Points for clicking on links hook is not working when more then one point type is enabled.
    FIX – Shortcodes inside the mycred_sell_this function are not getting rendered.
    FIX – Custom point type leaderboard will not trigger the current user option from rendering.
    FIX – New badge email notifications are not being detected.
    FIX – ShareThis support causes fatal error due to missing function.
    FIX – mycred_list_ranks shortcodes %rank_logo% tempalte tag is not rendering a logo.
    FIX – Email notifications are not formatted correctly causing new lines to be stripped of. (thank you Jim)
    FIX – Transfer shortcode amount placeholder should show the minimum amount instead of zero.
    FIX – The get_lowest_value() class method is returning incorrect values when using decimals.
    FIX – The add_to_log() class method saves decimal values as zero.
    FIX – Fixed PHP notice for email notifications.
    FIX – The mycred_history shortcode does not honour the option to remove the user column in the log.
    FIX – Certain modules do not support the new MYCRED_SLUG constant causing issues in the wp-admin area when used.
    FIX – Pagination on certain websites using the mycred_history shortcode is not working as intended.
    FIX – Fixed spelling errors (Thank you everyone for helping me out with this).
    TWEAK – Set priority order for certain filters to make it easier to remove if needed via a theme or plugin.
    TWEAK – Updated the mycred_list_ranks shortcode to support the removal of the wrapper element.
    TWEAK – Removed option to sell attachments in the Sell Content add-on.
    TWEAK – Tweaked statics add-on settings saving.
    TWEAK – Filtering the log by comma separated list of references needs to be url decoded.
    TWEAK – Adjusted how the leaderboard template is processed.
    NEW – Added new mycred_save_users_rank() function for saving a users rank instead of using mycred_update_user_meta() multiple times.
    NEW – Added new mycred_get_users_profile_url() function for getting a users profile URL with support for BuddyPress and bbPress profiles.
    UPDATE – Updated badges add-on image.
    UPDATE – Updated language files.


    I am still running tests and troubleshooting some issues reported by users so that list might not be final.


    P.S. For those interested, the WordPress.org repository keeps track of all changes: https://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/log/mycred/


    Some of those issues like the log saving decimals as zeros and the pagination are things that I fixed recently on a project I’m working on.
    From time to time I have fixes I would like to submit but where do I send them Gabriel ? I’m not sure you are receiving emails through your contact form.

    Maybe you could use GitHub… ? Just a suggestion.


    Hey Gabriel,

    I wanted to inquire about one particular fix in ver 1.7.4

    FIX – mycred_list_ranks shortcodes %rank_logo% tempalte tag is not rendering a logo.

    The logo is still missing for me. I rolled back the plugin to 1.6.9 and finally got the logo to display under author’s image in forum topics.

    Any ideas/help on how to resolve this?




    addon Coupons does not work. Any code produces an error – This coupon has expired.

    I tested on two different Web sites on different web hosting services.

    WordPress Version 4.6.1.
    myCRED Version 1.7.4

    Templates are standard.

    Thank you for your reply,


    Hello Gabriel,

    I saw that a new version release is available today. However, it still does not help me in getting back the Rank images on user profiles.

    Would you like me to create a staging for you where you can test the issue?

    Please advice.


    %rank_logo% template tag is not rendering a logo in leaderboard shortcode.


    Any idea how to fix this

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