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    I’m constructing a WordPress blog/forum and the featured product is a custom stock chart embedded in the posts as an image. myCred will be used to promote website sign-ups and participation.

    My question is, what’s the best way to sell the images using myCred?

    My thinking is that I’d have public posts whereby the reader would click the myCred purchase button to view the chart. But being new to myCred it’s unclear how to do this with images only or if it’s even practical.

    What I’d like to do is simply have a “enable sale of this post” option when I edit the graphic after uploading it into the wordpress library.

    Any suggestions?




    You can not set the “Sell This” button to a image since images can be embedded in posts or added to galleries.

    The Sell Content add-on allows you to sell access to a posts content area or parts of it if you use the shortcode.

    If you add images or a gallery to a post, and the user buys that post, then he will be able to see the images and / or gallery.

    Anything that you put in the posts content field is what users purchase, be it a story, a video or an image.


    Thank you for the fast reply! I’ll sell posts rather than images. No problem!

    Next question: What’s the best way to replace or change the default “buy now” button? Are there built-in options or can I use my own button graphic?

    If this is explained elsewhere, please direct me to the proper resource.

    Thanks again!


    That is a bit more tricky.
    You can set the button label either unique for each post or via your default settings which you will find on the myCRED > Settings page under “Sell Content”.

    You could set the text to be an empty string and then style the button to be an image via CSS. Setup a test page for sale and inspect the elements via your browser.


    input[name="mycred-buy-button"] { background-image: ... ; }

    Thank you again for the fast response.

    What I was looking to do is insert a more stylish button, as many of the shopping carts and membership plugins allow you to do.

    I will have to study more on CSS and then set up a test page as you suggest.

    In a future version, could you include different graphical options for those of us who don’t do code well?

    Many thanks for an excellent plugin!

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