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    I assign points to user after they complete some task, and encourage users to pay of spend point at Woocommerce site.

    I am trying to figure out a setting to clear the balance of any user within the period of time, for example, the points will only kept within 30 days, and the points before 30days will be clear or set to zero.

    The purpose is actually encouraging users to pay or spend their points in time, otherwise, they might not be so eager to pay or spend points.

    I know there is Banking Add-on embedded in Mycred.

    does it support this purpose by setting minus or negative Payouts or interests?

    If not, another way to achieve this purpose please?




    Hmmm, the single user option may be a bit tricky and would need custom code. There are 2 ways you can possibly do this but they are both manual.

    1) Setup email notifications to shoot you an email when a user receives points, from here you can setup an excel sheet or google doc. Check the document daily and adjust the points of users who haven’t spend their points.

    2) Set a set date when you’d clear all points on the site. Lets say on the 15th of every month, all points earned must be spent else they would be deleted. This is probably the easier method to manage as its basically a 1 click scenario and it’ll also create urgency to spend real money as well.




    The second way is not a smart way, since it might make users angry, anyway we should respect users based on reasonable rules.

    As to the first way, I am still not so clear about it, anyway, I would like to explain what I want more clear.

    1# I do not want clear all of points at a set time within a period time, but only the points that reach the limited time.
    2# For example, I have total 200 points balance now, but 100 point is that I got the month before last month, and the left part of 100 points was got last week.
    3# If I set a rule that all of points of last month will automatically clear by site, there should a cron task to check every users point everyday.
    4# the most advanatage is that there should a notification at frontend to show “hey, your 100 point will be clear today, just hurry up spent it out, otherwise, you will lose 100 point wealth.”


    By the way, I think Mycred is really really great plugin, but some add-on is not important for us, like this one:, it is fun, but fun is not essential, only focus on the detailed request from real business is actually a real need and requirement.




    Hey Alex,

    There are two ways to achieve that.

    One way is exactly what you are describing but requires some advanced logic and might slowdown your website while it’s running if you have tens of thousands of users.

    The other way is to set an expiry date on balances, for example, a balance would be valid for only 30 days after which it would be reset to 0 unless there is a transaction in the meantime, in which case, it is the 30 days timer that would be reset. This means that if I earn 100 points on January 1st, they would be valid only until January 30th but if I earn and/or spend some points on January 5th, then my new balance would be valid until February 4th.

    Please let me know if that’s clear enough.

    To implement either of those, you know how to contact me.
    Cordially, M.


    Sameed Fazal

    Hey @alex,

    Kindly note that currently myCred and its addons doesn’t have this option. We will discuss with our technical team and will let you know about the possibilities.

    Thank You!

    MyCred Support Team



    Hello @m,

    Sorry for missing your post.

    Yes, most of your description are right.

    but following description is not clear:

    but if I earn and/or spend some points on January 5th, then my new balance would be valid until February 4th.

    The typical application is that the points will be valid only within specific time/period, spending some points should not reactivate the old points to expand the valid time.

    BUT, I think it would be a much great feature and flexible setting if there is an option of Reactivate/ or not.

    Also, please check the post upon multiple points support on WOOCOMMERCE GATEWAY:



    Hi @alex, I just answered your email.



    Hi @m,

    I replied to you, please have a check.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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