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    We’re using MyCred to sell services like jobs opportunities, publishing articles, publishing ads, etc.

    We saw that your plugin blocks content for custom post types. But what we need is to sell the ‘publish’ or ‘upload’ a new post, job, etc. Not the content itself.

    So, we made a specific page for the ‘new ad’ form, and set it a credit price. But the problem we see with this, is that once the user ‘buy’ with the credits, he can upload as many ads as he/she wants. And the only way to filter this is to set an ‘expiration date’ on the purchase. Is there a hook or something to only allow one post to the user to publish, and then when he does, ask for the payment again?


    Hi there,

    There is a hook in myCRED that allows you to deduct points for post publishing.

    Cordially, M.

    Rafael MotorsPlace

    I have exactly the same problem. I need purchased content to be displayed only once per purchase. How to solve it?



    Hi Rafael,

    This is not the same problem, they were trying to make their users pay for each publication (publish once per payment). While you are trying to make your users pay for each view (view content once per payment).

    In your case there could be some issues with your users if they have a bad or spotty internet connection. In your case, it’s better to set a time limit (expiration period) for viewing the content after payment, which is what they intially did but wasn’t very adapted to their situation.

    Cordially, M.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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