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    When can we expect communication from the new owners regarding further development of myCRED?





    Aslan Guseinov

    This is ridiculous! No actions since the beginning of this year! I own an unlimited license for Lottery Add-on, and waiting for THEM to fix it since September 24 2015!
    And now they try to convince me to pay yearly!
    What is wrong with you people!?



    Mycred is such a special plugin and I feel like Gabriel abandoned us! I strongly believe that this community would have supported him financially if needed. Luckily I found a developer who’s reasonably priced with keeping mycred updated for me. I’ve implemented qrcode generating for transfers and even a full api for a paypal type setup.



    @stephfd21 Hello, could you talk a little more about your api for a paypal type setup? I’d be very interested in hearing what you’ve done.

    Thank you



    @dave All the points are stored on 1 site, I’m using a custom developed plugin integrated with my api to allow those points to be used as a digital currency on other wordpress sites. I made a webview mobile app that utilizes the mycred transfer addon and added qrcode transfer features.



    @stephfd21 thanks for elaborating. That sounds very cool.

    Can the points be used on any wordpress site with mycred installed?

    Anyway we could speak by email? I rarely check these forums.

    Thanks again



    @dave sure my email is

    I’ve basically built 2 new plugins. The master plugin will be installed on the site that holds all the points and the slave plugin will be installed on any wpsite that would use mycred as a payment gateway. Those wpsites don’t need mycred to be installed for it to work, just the slave plugin.


    Saad Iqbal


    We are working really hard to handle the development and support of myCred, the 1.8 beta is available now. Read about and can download it as well HERE .




    Thank you for this update
    Could you answer me on an unlimited license that I took bp-charges


    Saad Iqbal

    @HD As you know Gabriel ended unlimited/lifetime licenses and we don’t have the plan to start unlimited/lifetime licenses as well. Hope you understand, let us know if you have any other query.




    I am surprised because a contract is a contract.
    I understand that there were no longer unlimited life plans.
    If I buy now it’s the new rules but for the first customers like me, thank you to also respect the promise when buying this license


    Saad Iqbal

    @HD When I acquired myCred from Gabriel he told me there are no unlimited licenses now, all yearly licenses are valid even though some were paid to previous owners but I respected that and didn’t cancel a single license.

    Also as per our policies currently there are no lifetime license, if you need access to the plugin you will need to buy a yearly license.

    Again thanks for your understanding.



    Aslan Guseinov

    I called my lawyer, and told him about this situation. And he sayd this:
    No matter if a product have new owners. Product was bought with a certain rights, if I as a customer was given a lifetime licence, then you as a new owners must respect my rights, and treat me accordingly. I hope you get the idea. If not I will find all unlimited license holders, and we will file a collective dispute.



    Hi Saad Iqbal
    I need to trust what I buy (plugin and support)
    Believe me, I did not have any mail information of this change. I would appreciate that Gabriel or you, give a special discount code to pass this change?

    The credits are not valid any more because I used points for a question for which I did not have answers?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)

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