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    I paid for partial-payments-woo several months ago,

    and I submited support ticket, but there is no reply.

    I Refunded my purchase, but I did not received my payment back, but I do not mind.

    Also, I donate to the author 30 US dollar after I know the author will close down Mycred before Wpexperts buy it, please check the screenshot:

    I post at wordpress support at

    Thanks, and congratulations to both the former author and Wpexperts.

    Again, after study carefully, I would like to let you the issue more clearly:

    1.The partial payment does not support Multisite although it claims support Multisite and wildcard domain on Mycred official site.

    2.when I pay for that plugin, I need input our root site domain, like:, but it only show the license is valid at root site dashboard, and are invalid on all of subsites, like:

    3.In this case, the limitation of maximum points does not work, which means that plugin do not work.

    4.So, I think make it support Multisite with subsite domain please.

    Feature request:

    For now, it only support partial points payment limitation by cart amount. But, there are always some products that we do not want to accept points payment, for example, season hot category products, so it would be great if it support to exclude partial payment by product or category, alternatively, support custom enable/disable partial payment in product setting page.




    I am glad to pay for it again if you can make it work in multisite.






    It has almost 5 months past, but it seems that you have not take this ticket into consideration, would you please reply a message of your idea?





    I am still waiting for your reply, would you please let me know how to setup it in multisite?

    For example:

    our root site domain is

    and our shop site is

    How should I make it work in our shop site please?

    should I activate it networkly or only in a subsite?

    also, which our domain I should input please, should I input or in your license management area? If I should input the sub domain, does it support sub domain in your license management please?




    Saad Iqbal

    Alex, I apologize for the delayed response, can you please open support ticket again? And I will personally follow it.




    ok, thank.

    By the way, I found a debug error:

    Sever info:

    wordpress 4.9.8
    PHP Version




    I sent ticket for several days since your post, but I have not received reply yet, would you please have a check?

    Thanks, and have a nice day.



    I submitted support tickets to you,

    1# we already reset license to bind with our root domain, please check the screenshot:
    2# Already enabled “view details” of plugin on our subsites, and it show: No license found for –, please check the screenshots:

    but there is no reply these day, any schedule to resolve this issue please?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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