Known Issues
Known Bugs

Changing the number of log entries to show per page in the wp-admin area is not working.

If you can not get myCRED to work as described in the documentation, please open a support ticket!


The myCRED plugin is incompatible with the following plugins/themes:

Third-party Conflicts

The myCRED plugin is not guaranteed to work with all premium themes / plugins that exists for WordPress. I am, for this reason, unable to provide support to resolve potential issues or conflicts for these type of products. Instead I recommend you contact the author and ask them to add support for myCRED instead.

Contact Form 7


When submitting a form in Contact Form 7 version 4.8, no points are given / taken from the user.


Unfortunately this is due to a bug in the CF7 plugin. Until this has been resolved, your only option is to downgrade to version 4.7.


When selling access to a Contact Form 7 form using the Sell Content add-on, the form will not work when the content is purchased.


Go to your Sell Content add-on settings and select to “Reload page on successfull purchases”. This is required in order for CF7 scripts to properly load.

AJAX Loaded Themes


The “Points for viewing content” hook is not working and neither does the Sell Content add-on.


Both the hook and the Sell Content add-on is incompatible with AJAX loaded themes.

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