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With 1.5.3 now out, I thought I’d share with you my thoughts and plans for myCRED’s near future. (in order of priority)

 Sell Content

The Sell Content add-on is long overdue some improvements. My primary goal is to allow you to sell content using multiple point types. Allowing you to sell content either for a specific point type or multiple.


Ranks Add-on

The Rank add-on is one of the few add-ons left which does not support multiple point types. My plan it to change this and allow you to setup ranks for all point types. I am contemplating of moving away from the current setup where I use a custom post type to something light weight and basic while keeping all current functionalities. But I am investigating several options.



I plan on adding in “Levels” to badges which would allow badges to have variations similar to ranks. Another popular request has been the ability to give badges manually. It’s a bit tricky since right now everything is based on your point history. Finally I will be adding the option to assign badges based on badges a user already has.


There are of course just the built-in add-ons. I am also working on some long overdue add-ons I have promised like the Betting add-on along with some added functionalities that have been requested. But I welcome everyones feedback on what you would like to see added or improved.

  1. Hi Gabriel,

    This plug-in is awesome. I do have a custom request – the ability for users to buy “Featured Post Packages” with their points. So a user can spend x number of points and automatically move their post up to the top of it’s category, and/or to the top of the home page. What do you think?

  2. Want to personally thank you for the “Sell Content” addition. It will open a whole new way for people to buy/unlock items.

    This will enable, specifically shops, to let only a specific group of users who obtained points in a specific way (such as the ones who bring in referral visits) to unlock special items, while the regular users who gets “lazy” points by comment spamming/daily visit spamming/favorite spamming will not be able to unlock that item because they do not have “referral” points.

    Thanks again!

  3. Hello,

    It will be very handy when the coupon add-on can bulk-create coupon codes.

    And some improvements to the affiliate add-on would be welcome too.

  4. Hey Gabriel,
    Thanks for sharing. could you add a link to pdf or click button open popup o new window from inside wp-admin near “sell content” box – making iy easy for us to get shortcode list and copy paste into wysiwyg editor. usefull when selling part of content with post specific variations.

  5. Hi. Thanks for a GREAT plugin!

    One moderation I would like have, would be if the Leaderboard widget got a facelift 🙂 I would like it to have a Avatar show/don’t show feature, so I don’t have to code something. This would be a great feature.


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